Participation in the International Design Competition "Cook 8" for the design of an interior dining space for 8 people, of an area of 24-30m2. The aim of the competition was the formulation of new ideas on the design of a meeting-place for people on the occasion of the preparation and consumption of food as means of socialisation. In collaboration with Em Kei.

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Taverna - The Food Workshop

A project to revisit and promote local culinary culture and biodiversity in a sustainable architectural environment. A multidisciplinary, holistic approach that binds together contemporary rustic cuisine, sustainable
design, small-scale producers, eco-farming and local communities.

Taverna — The Food Workshop* is a farm-to-table model that aims to be self-sufficient, easy and cheap to build, can be run by a single person or
a local community, has the minimum running costs and can be based almost anywhere, rural or urban. It aims to preserve and revisit traditional and regional cuisine, support small-scale local producers and encourage foraging, as well as farming of plants, seeds and livestock from the local ecosystem. There is a green house where seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs are grown, a meat and fish smoker for preservation and a cheese cellar. Waste is reused in the form of compost.

The design derives its concept from the archetypical idea of the shelter in the most basic form of a shed. Being an open blueprint, its construction can be adjusted to the local environmental, social and economic conditions. The space is open to reveal all the stages of food preparation similar to a domestic kitchen. The materials can vary depending on what is available within a small distance (straw-bales, sand/soil sacks, wood, stone etc). Local builders and craftspeople (potters, rug and furniture makers) will be commissioned to undertake various aspects of the project.

*The word tavern (greek: taverna) derives from the Latin taberna whose original meaning was a shed, workshop, stall, or pub.

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