R.S.V.P. _ Papier in Mitte, stationery shop in Berlin, Mulackstr. 26, Mitte.

(the first 2 photos: © Pascal Rohé)

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R.S.V.P. BERLIN - Papier in Mitte

stationery shop in Berlin


The new store of R.S.V.P. BERLIN is close to Hackesche Höfe in Berlin Mitte. It is part of the first store that was founded in the same street in 2001.


R.S.V.P. supplies fine Japanese and European paper, writing materials from all over the world and assorted small scale multiples by international artists and designers. Many of the products are exclusive to RSVP.


The building was built at the end of the 19th century and has been registered for preservation. The main concept was to create a second transparent shell, using the interior space as a given background in which the new construction would be a standalone object.


A grid of linear wooden elements (strips of wood) create a new situation in the historic building and resolve the functional and aesthetic needs.  The wooden network of nodes in combination with surfaces of Pine plywood panels (Seekiefer) ensured the rigidity of the structure. A part of the timber frame is held together without nails, screws or glue and instead relies on wooden joints used for centuries by traditional carpenters.


The tectonic structure is based on a theme with variations. Different needs can be served with similar construction systems and tools.


Zen gardens express a sense of unseen unity, surpassing the complexity of the form. This was the inspiration for the architectural composition: The timber frame grows around the interior space. It unifies the room and elevates the fine paper products. With this compositional tool the products can be better promoted.   


The light objects are part of  the «wooden grid». LED linestra lamps have been used for all luminaires.


The study of traditional Japanese Wooden Frame Construction Methods and the furniture work of G. T. Rietveld was very important in this creative reconstruction.



Design: YOLKSTUDIO_Manolis Iliakis

Design team: Maria Remoundou, Daniel Krüger

Wooden construction: Daniel Krüger

Location: Mulackstrasse 26, Berlin Mitte

Photos: Pascal Rohé, Manolis Iliakis

Area: ~23 sq.m.


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