Saint Porfyrios Chapel in the Mount Parnitha, Greece. 

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Porfyrios sketch 1

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A small Chapel for Saint Porfyrios

The design was influenced by a small incident the client shared with us while we were working on our proposal.

Saint Porfyrios was a close friend of the client's family. When they asked him to indicate the optimum place for the construction of the chapel Porfyrios drew a cross on a topographic map displaying all the lots that belonged to the family.

The cross was transferred as a slot on the roof of the building which allows natural sunlight to shine through and create a cross-shape of light on the floor of the interior.

The plan is a simple line that unfolds to define the sacred interior and draws its simple typology from neolithic houses. There used to be neolithic settlements on the west side of Parnitha where the plot is situated. Four vertical slots offer views to the outside and connect the chapel with the four cardinal points.

The lines of the cross-shaped slot on the ceiling are parallel to the east and west and function as a sun clock. The widest stripe of light forms in the interior at 12 noon while the thinner ones in the morning and the afternoon.

Parts of the concrete carrier are left uncovered and the natural pebbledash covers the body of the building. There is a planted rooftop which features indigenous plants such as thyme and lavender.

The space around the building is left untouched for natural flora to develop freely.


Concept: Manolis Iliakis

Architectural Design: YOLKSTUDIO, Manolis Iliakis, Maria Remoundou

3D visualisation: Yota Iliaki

Client: Evangelos Papageorgiou

LOCATION: Athens; Mount Parnitha

Plot: 4.000 sq.m.

Building: 73 sq.m.


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