Outdoors bathroom and meditation space in summer residence, in the Mediterranean island of Milos, (Greece)

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Reframing the landscape through an outdoor bathroom and meditation space

The outdoor bathroom and meditation space was built adjacent to an existing summer house on the island of Milos.

The project is part of an effort to structure a space as a means to "read" the landscape. The objective was to recompose the “typical image” of the Mediterranean sea landscape. The view through the small windows changes the perspective of the surroundings and it is possible for the user to view a new composition of the natural elements of the area.

The positioning of small openings in the space and the "framing" of specific views through them, were the basis of the final site specific composition. For example, the view of the adjoining gulf is filtered through handmade glass bricks, which slightly distort the image of the volcanic scenery.

The leafage of a cedar tree and a light bamboo construction aid in shading the area. All materials used are native. A number of them are also recycled and reused.

Architectural design and supervision: YOLKSTUDIO-Manolis Iliakis, Maria Remoundou
Location: Milos, Greece
Construction project management: Filippos Mendes-Lazaris
Design and construction date: 2010
Photos: Manolis Iliakis


MODEL, scale 1:30.

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